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Joined not too long ago...

this is my first post.

Some things I am going to get working on in 2004:

1. Lose Weight. I need to lose a total of at least 110 pounds. I'm going to push for maybe half of that by this time next year. This is how I will do it:

a. Follow a low carb, low sugar diet. This will
consist of fresh veggies and fruits. My meat
protein will come from chicken or some pork and
maybe other poultry. I will replace pasta with brown
rice or wheat pasta when I feel strong cravings for
pasta. No soda. I will drink either lemonade, tea
(which I will have to get used to), fresh squeezed
juice or water.

b. I will start walking twenty minutes per day.
After one month, I will increase to thirty, then
45 then 60.

c. I will find a videotap for exercise I can do at
home when I can't get out for a walk.

d. I will find a support group for weight loss.

2. I will work on issues of co-dependency. I will try to read some self help books recommended to me by someone very dear to me. I will also find a support group for codependency.

3. I will work to get "healed" of depression by this time next year. It is my desire to be off of anti-depressants. I will first find herbal remedies. I will find a depression support group. I will see if I can somehow get to a counselor on a weekly basis and find a new psychiatrist as the current one doesn't listen to me anymore.

Does anyone have any recommendations? Will anyone hold me accountable? That's what I'll need: accountability.
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