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The first posting is a bit stressful, but it is a GOAL of mine to complete the posting and let others know about our new community :-)

I hope that this will become a place where we can share our goals, find and provide encouragement, find and give inspiration, help each other with procrastination.

It's for short term goals, or long term goals. Personal goals. Professional goals.

I think it would be neat to have a buddy system, if you find someone who has similar goals, or who wants to accomplish something that you already have, offer your friendship and support. I know that I would find it incredibly helpful to have a 'buddy' to walk this journey with me.

I think what I'm trying to say is, 'It's whatever we want to make it'.

I want to thank < lj user = "taniwhanui" > for the inspiration to start this community. I also want to thank < lj user = "melancthe" > for the code to set up the community.

X Posted.
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