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This is the perfect time for me to be setting goals. Due to a class cancellation I have from school until January 28th so I should be able to get all this done as long as I make a list that really defines what I want to do.

Go the gym at least 4 days a week
write for a 1/2 hour to an hour daily
organize my books
clean out my car
apply to at least 3 graduate programs
read up on 19th century philosophy to prepare for next semester
finish making the silk flower hair clips I started
make a recipe book with lots of paintings in it
finish the stregnths and weakness parts of my college/job interview prep
finish all genealogy research related to JN and get documents
prepare a list of museums to send my resume to
copy my decadence notes legibly into a notebook

I also promised myself I'd lose eight pounds between now and Feb 1st.

This list is overwhelming me to think about but I know if I concentrate on doing the first two things each day and then pick one other item on the list to do that day also, I can get most of it done. I hope...
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