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Came across this community..and well at present I really am in need of some support..Also willing to give it as well..

Ok my name is Rikki and I work as a Stablehand/Strapper in the Thoroughbred Racing Industry..And yes..That is what is bothering me at the moment..My work..

I have always had a passion for horses..Extremely obsessed you could say..They have always been a constant in my life but lately I have lost motivation, inspiration and my love for them..Everytime I am working with them I don't feel as close to them as I used to be..It is starting to bother me quite a bit because I am extremely dedicated..Passionate..Hardworking..Responsible ect ect..and I want to show everyone how hard I can work and how good I can be..But I feel that because I have lost interest in horses..I cannot use those traits to reveal my potential to everyone..I feel as though I am letting so many people down..

I really don't know what to do anymore..

1. Continue at Paul's for at least 2 months
2. Work and Condition Tobi
3. Start exercising and plan a new diet..

Ok so they are 3 goals..I am hoping that I can keep to them..
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