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My Goals

1. Get out of debt. Follow my budget (once Laurie goes home - who can stay on a budget when their best friend is coming to visit? I have to be realistic.) I want 'freedom' in this area of my life. My definition of freedom in this area is to be debt free and to not be ruled my 'wants' and 'needs' of material things.

2. Once out of debt, sign up for 401k and Stock Options at work.

3. Be more open to trying new things (to vague). Try something new each month. This month it will be ice skating.

4. Go hot air ballooning.

5. Try swimming again - see if I can still do what I learned last year.

6. Get back to the gym.

7. Take a karate class of some sort.

8. Sign up for a Sign Language class.

9. Work on establishing a relationship with my mother-in-law and my sister-in-law.

10. Finish the book, The Pathway. Follow the suggestions in the book.

11. Floss

12. Go to the dentist.

13. Bring my mom out for a visit.

14. Learn how to just 'BE'. This is the hardest thing for me. "One's action ought to come out of an achieved stillness, not to be a mere rushing on".
-D. H. Lawrence

15. Reestablish my friendship with PK. His girlfriend just recently had a baby and I view their life as very busy, etc. So, I don't call as often and when I do I don't share what is going on in my life - thinking that he doesn't have time for me. If it continues this way, I can only see us growing apart.

I am going to quit there for now. I often find that I make to many goals and then I just stress myself out.

For now, I am going to concentrate on # 1 (debt-free), #3 (open to new things) and #10 (The Pathway).
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